Personal news

AllRide VTTLuberon 2019

After some trouble on the organisation because of the weather , the Allride VTTLuberon took place on the December 7&8.

I was ahead of the enduro race this year , 38km of trails to clean , 20 people crew and 200 rider with some top level riders at the start

A lot of work and stress but such a great satisfaction to have all these riders on my home trails

official video:

BigBike magasine publication

Find a nice article about a ride with me in Luberon in the last Bigbike Magasine.

Urge Bike Product Video

Find me on the last urgebike helmet video présentation

BIKE  Mag parution

7 pages article about mtb in Luberon on bike magazine. I Had the privilege to guide them thru Provence last Autumn to show them the best rides.

Les Arcs Enduro race

First local race of the season , no practice on saturday for me and just the ambition to ride with the kids I coach to give them tips during the race

Good surprise to end 7th overall 🙂

Winter Wolf Ride day

First time riding bike on snow for me during the winter wolf ride day ! The video below

Not so many races for me this year but some great pictures / videos and a lot of good rides who gave me a good slice of motivation to train a lot and compete again in 2019.  boaaaappp 🙂

Urge bike product Gringo launching video

Proud to represent a French helmet brand and to bring you on my favorite trails for the launching video of their last helmet.

Parution on

German Redbull website listed the top 5 places in Europe for a ride of season. Luberon is in second place and they recomand me as a guide 😀